At GO Jobs, you don’t only get a new job, but also a new home. We have several beautiful homes in natural settings. You get up to 3 roommates, but can always count on having your own private bedroom.

In our houses, the atmosphere is always good, which will make you feel right at home.

GO Jobs housing

Meet your go jobs family

Before you leave, we will arrange all formal matters, including your employment contract. We’ll also organize an online call with your future roommates and colleagues. They experienced the same adventure as you, so they’re the perfect people to answer any additional questions.

GO Jobs family

Book your ticket

Housing? Check. A BSN number? Check. A job with an employment contract? Doublecheck. Time for the very last step: booking your plane ticket. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Netherlands

GO Jobs airplane

Arriving in the Netherlands

We’ll track your flight details so that we are ready to welcome you when you arrive. A taxi driver picks you up at the airport on our costs and brings you to your new home. There, you will meet one of our GO Job staff members and your new housemates. Together, they will get you acquainted with your new surroundings.

We ask new workers to arrive on Friday so that we have the whole weekend to immerse you in your neighborhood. After a relaxing weekend, we will accompany you to the municipality on Monday to collect your BSN number. On Tuesday, the real work can begin and you will start working at your new job.

GO Jobs car

join the GO Jobs Family!

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