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Apply for a job
Your adventure begins in our job database.
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Let’s meet
After your application, we’ll invite you for a second interview at our office in Nea Moudania. During this interview, we will get to know you better and tell you everything about your new future.

Pack your bags
We make sure everything is ready for your departure. All you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy the flight.

GO start a new future
Yay, your adventure can really begin now! We welcome you in the Netherlands and remain at your disposal after your arrival

Go Apply for your New Job

Our job database contains numerous vacancies in production, logistics and engineering. Explore the different vacancies and start looking for that one job that really matches your interests. Don’t worry about your experience or studies, because we look beyond that!

After your application, we will contact you within 48 hours. Get ready for a new life, because joining the GO Jobs family goes far beyond a job since we also arrange your accommodation, transportation and many other things.

Meet us and your new employer

You can’t get to know someone through their resume. That’s why we would like to invite you to our office in Nea Moudania for a chat. During this interview, you can tell us all about who you are, what your passions are and what your dream job looks like. Of course, we will also be happy to tell you more about us and your future employer.

pack your bags and go to the Netherlands

Congratulations on your new job! Soon you will leave for the Netherlands, but we will not leave you to your fate. We will prepare you well for your departure, provide you with all the information you need and listen to your questions and concerns.

Together we will have a great adventure!

Go start your new future

Once you’re settled, you can keep counting on us. We will continue to guide you, even after you have found a job and a home.

Our team remains your rock and will always put your happiness first.

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