The Go Jobs Process – Matching & Migration

Ambition to work in the Netherlands? On this page you can read more on how we work. In three phases to your dream job in the Netherlands.

Phase 1: Matching Process

First you apply for one of the jobs we offer. You do this via our website or by sending an email. If we currently offer no jobs that fit you, you can choose to send us an email to sign yourself up for possible future jobs. This way we know you are interested and we will contact you in case there are new jobs opening.

After looking at your CV and motivation we will contact you to schedule an online meeting with someone from our team. During this meeting, we choose to communicate in English, but the person you will be speaking to also speaks Greek in case you struggle to express yourself in English. During this meeting, we can get to know each other and we will explain more about the process, salary, and other important information.

If the meeting goes well we will arrange an online meeting with you and the employer so you can get to know each other.

Is it a match? Great! Time to move on to the next phase.

Phase 2 – Migrating

After the matching process is successfully done, the next step is to organize and bring you to the Netherlands. While you arrange your flight tickets, we arrange your health insurance and housing for those who need it. The insurance we arrange for you will cover basic needs like most Dutch citizens. During the process we also organize video calls where you get to know us better and you are free to ask any kind of questions.

During video calls you can expect to meet other Greek candidates like you, who are planning to move to the Netherlands as well. These are also the moments during which we estimate if we need to take care of additional needs like arranging a car for your transport to work or other things you might need. We will arrange transport from the airport to your new home.

When you arrive at one of our housing locations, in which you will be living together with other Greek colleagues, our job coach will be giving you a warm welcome when you arrive! You can expect to be living in good functioning, shared housing with a shared kitchen and your own bedroom. What happens next?

Phase 3 – Working & living in the Netherlands

After arriving in the Netherlands our job coaches will be your main contact persons. They will be contacting you for most things and assist you with difficulties. They will also be visiting you regularly, either at work or at home to keep everything in check and provide you with necessary information or help.

You will be assisted in getting a Dutch BSN-number, which is mandatory if you want to work in the Netherlands. After receiving your BSN-number you will be able to start working for our client.

You will be working under the regulations of the Dutch law, such as getting paid when you work overtime, 25 holiday days a year, paid sickness-days, extra pay when working during evening & night shifts and 8% holiday bonus each year. Depending on the work, all legal safety measures are strictly followed.