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Junior Maintenance Engineer – Waalwijk


Established in 1976, our client has continued to develop its sound reputation in the field of transport rollers and carrier rollers for internal transport systems. As a family business, pour client combines its craftsmanship, quality and expertise with all the favourable characteristics that one might reasonably expect of a family. This implies that we always operate as a team and can be reached swiftly and conveniently. However, it also means that they make no bones about their own aspirations. They stand firmly behind our brand, which has acquired an increasing presence in Europe, while they have also become a market player in North America, thanks to their continental dealer network there.


Do you like tinkering with cars but would rather not work in a workshop? Or are you not a technician, but are you always the first to be called when something needs to be repaired at home? Do you see yourself as a handyman/woman or are you a concierge who knows how to get things done? Do you have 2 right hands? Then you might fit into our team!
In this position you support your fellow mechanic. Depending on your knowledge and experience, you will contribute to the functional maintenance of the machinery through (mechanical) preventive maintenance and repairs so that the production process runs optimally. You handle and analyze malfunctions, you keep machine logs and perform tests. Because we do this in a structured way, there is time to come up with improvements for our production process. You work in a team to design and build new machines, which means you have to deal with all facets of technology. Machine risk assessments or general facility tasks, your colleagues can come to you. In short, an extremely varied position in a great team!

• Maintaining maintenance plans, handling and analyzing malfunctions, keeping machine logbooks, testing various installations and ensuring the management of the machine park;
• Building, installing and commissioning new machines;
• Maintaining, adapting and furnishing the building;
• Carrying out preliminary inspections of the internal transport equipment and inspections of the electrical hand tools;
• When collaborating with external service providers for the above, care is taken for proper planning of the work and guidance of the external specialist;
• Occasionally (co-)performing work on location at customers and/or their clients in case of complaints and/or problems;
• Actively contributes to safety awareness among employees;
• Ensures a clean and organized workplace.



We are looking for an all-rounder, a go-getter and someone who can be deployed flexibly. You can easily switch between different activities and maintain an overview. You are independent, but not an individualist. You enjoy working in a team. Your own initiative to improve processes or activities is appreciated and you will gain confidence in this. We think it is important that you think about your work and learn from the activities you undertake. The necessary technical insight is therefore required. You will have to deal with quality issues. You don’t turn your back on it. You tackle this with both hands and you bring decisiveness. A little perfectionism isn’t bad; you immediately see if something is wrong and respond quickly.

We further ask:

  • At least a completed education in the field of electrical engineering, possibly supplemented with another technical education;
  • A basic knowledge of technology, for example mechanics, electrical engineering or other relevant technical disciplines;
  • Do you keep a cool head in all situations and only think in possibilities? Then we have a great proposal for you.


This vacancy is on a temporary basis, and if you’re succesfull, you have a chance to get a contract with our client. 

  • A nice team of colleagues who are looking forward to your arrival;
  • Transport to work and back;
  • Earn a competitive salary between €15,19 and €17,62 gross per hour based on your experience;
  • A workweek of 38 hours;
  • 25 vacation days and 8% holiday allowance;
  • We will arrange your health insurance;
  • Growth opportunities;
  • We offer a private room in a house together with your colleagues. The cost for the rent is €200 per week included water, electricity, gas and internet.The rent we will hold on a weekly base from your salary;
  • Weekly dutch classes;
  • We will escort you to get your own BSN number;
  • We do not ask you for a commission!


Floortje Denissen +31132045026


Floortje Denissen +31132045026

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