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You have been offered a position as Order Picker and want to know more on the role. Like what you will do and what education is needed before you can start in this role. On this page we will provide you with the details on the role of an order picker. And we will provide an overview for the industries we have frequent new positions we hire for. On this page you will also read more on the machines or special equipment you might need to operate as an order picker in a warehouse.

What does an order picker do

warehouse worker with pallet truck

Order pickers typically work in warehouses or distribution centers and may be required to work nights, weekends, and holidays. In peak periods you might get asked to work extra shifts and maybe some extra hours per day. Some of the employees have good compensations models for overtime and working on special days.

An order picker is responsible for selecting and preparing orders for shipment in a warehouse or distribution center. They use material handling equipment such as an order picker or forklift to locate and retrieve items from shelves and storage areas, and then verify that the correct items are picked and placed on pallets or carts for transport.

Working as an order Picker

Working as an order picker can be physically demanding as it involves moving around a warehouse and lifting and carrying items. Some of the tasks that an order picker might be responsible for include:

  • Operating an order picker or other material handling equipment safely and efficiently
  • Picking orders using a computerized system or picking list
  • Verifying that the correct items are picked and placed on the pallet or cart
  • Stacking and organizing items on pallets or carts in a way that ensures stability and prevents damage
  • Wrapping and securing pallets for transport
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the warehouse
  • Adhering to all safety guidelines and procedures

To work as an order picker, you may need to have a forklift license or certification and be able to pass a physical agility test. Good communication skills and attention to detail are also important in this role.

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How to become an order picker?

There are a few steps you can take to become an order picker:

  1. Get a forklift license or certification: Many warehouses and distribution centers require order pickers to be certified to operate a forklift. You can typically obtain this certification by completing a training program or course and passing a written and practical exam.
  2. Gain experience: You may be able to find entry-level positions as an order picker or material handler that will allow you to gain experience and learn the skills needed for the job.
  3. Develop relevant skills: In addition to operating a forklift, order pickers should also have good communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work quickly and efficiently.
  4. Look for job openings: Search online job boards and career websites for openings in your area. You can also check with local warehouses and distribution centers to see if they have any openings.
  5. Apply and interview: When you find a job opening that interests you, follow the application instructions and submit your resume and any other required documents. If your application is selected, you may be invited to participate in an interview.

It’s worth noting that the specific requirements for becoming an order picker may vary depending on the employer and the location. Frequently our customers ask us to provide order pickers for which no special education is needed.

What is an order picker machine?

lift operator warehouse - order picker machine

Sometimes people are referring to an order picket machine instead of the person. An order picker (machine) is a type of material handling equipment used in warehouses and distribution centers to pick or retrieve items from shelves or storage areas. It is a type of forklift that is designed specifically for the task of picking orders and is typically smaller and more maneuverable than a standard forklift.

Order pickers usually have a raised platform or cage that the operator stands in while using a control panel to move the machine and lift and lower the forks to pick up items. They are often used in conjunction with a computerized system that helps to streamline the order picking process by directing the operator to the location of the items to be picked.

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What is an ept order picker?

An EPT (Electronic Pallet Truck) order picker is a type of material handling equipment that is used in warehouses and distribution centers to move and transport pallets of goods. EPT pickers are typically powered by a battery, and they use a hydraulic system to lift and lower the forks that hold the pallets.

The primary job of an EPT order picker is to pick orders from storage and prepare them for shipping. This typically involves using the EPT to retrieve pallets of goods from storage, load them onto a truck or other transportation vehicle, and transport them to the shipping area. EPT pickers may also be used to move pallets of goods within a warehouse or distribution center, as well as to load and unload trucks.

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